Espresso Catering Packages

Single Bow Tie

  • Up to 60 guests
  • $225 for first hour
  • $60 for each additional hour
Double Bow Tie
  • Up to 125 guests
  • $315 for first two hours
  • $100 for each additional hour
Triple Bow Tie
  • Up to 225 guests
  • $415 for first two hours
  • $100 for each additional hour
The Tuxedo Package
  • Up to 350 drinks
  • Eight hours of services $700
Prices include:
Espresso drinks, barista, milk (whole, nonfat & soy), 8oz white cups with lids and coffee condiments (sugar, sugar substitute, straws, napkins and flavored sprinkles). We can accommodate gluten-free diets if notified ahead of time.

Signature Drinks

Dolce Fine
Single espresso jeweled with sugar and topped with heavy cream, ½ tsp. gourmet vanilla syrup.

Espresso Con Panna
Single espresso poured over a dollop of fresh whipped cream and topped with chocolate or coconut shavings shavings and 3 coffee beans.

Cioccolata Martini
Doppio espresso, one ounce of dark chocolate truffle sauce and five ounces breve in Martini shaker.

Created by Caffé D’Arte, served by Black Tie Espresso Catering.

Espresso Catering Services

We take care to craft our beverages with the highest-quality local ingredients available. It is our pleasure to feature:

Premium espresso roasted by Caffè D'Arte in Seattle, and brewed with care with Nuova Simonelli espresso machines

Super-fresh, delicious milk from Smith Brothers Farms, grown right here in the Puget Sound area

Silky, delicious, fresh-brewed coffee with our pour-over bar made right here in Olympia by Espresso Parts

Classy pastries from Wagner's Bakery, Olympia-based makers of the Puget Sound's largest selection of European pastries.