Fresh and Flavorful

We are passionate about creating a superb experience for your event, from the friendly service at the coffee bar right down to the warm flavors in the cup. Our pourover bar is a new addition that we are proud to present, allowing us to brew the freshest cup of coffee right before your eyes so that you can savor the best flavor possible from your beverage while enjoying the event.

Rich and Delicious

We carefully prepare Caffè D'Arte coffee for our espresso beverages. Crafted in the Italian tradition of developing a full, rich flavor profile in the roasting process, our espresso has been well cared for along its journey into our hands. The results are brought to fruition in the hands of our baristas as they freshly grind and extract the espresso for your beverage.

Carefully Crafted

When hot water joins with coffee under pressure, amazing rich flavors are released and stream out in a syrupy honey-like cascade brimming with deep tones of caramel and chocolate, and capped with a silky crema, or foam, that envelops the aromas until the moment you sip your fine beverage.

Artfully Prepared

Using fresh and delicious local milk from Smith Brothers Farms (we also offer soy, if you prefer), we steam and texture a silky foam for perfectly finishing off your cappucino, latté, macchiato or specialty beverage. Our baristas are skilled in crafting beautiful latté art for a classy finished presentation.