At Black Tie Espresso Catering, we take a very personal, fun and artistic approach to crafting espresso beverages. Every event for us is an opportunity to create fun beverages, and experiences, that our guests will remember. We sincerely enjoy getting to know new people and providing the best espresso drink for each one. Simply put, we enjoy getting to do our favorite things every day.


Black Tie Espresso Catering has been providing gourmet service since 2006, when owner Suzi Justin set out to fulfill the Olympia area's need for upscale espresso catering. Coming from a large family brimming with artistic talent, Suzi discovered her creative outlet in artfully crafting delicious espresso beverages. She has always loved crafting gourmet food and drinks for her friends and family, and believes the highest quality of ingredients and presentation are a must.


There is definitely an art to creating delicious espresso; it starts with freshly roasted gourmet beans, grinding them immediately before each espresso, and timing the extraction of the shot perfectly. The best part is steaming the milk for a delicious silky latté – yum! You know a beverage that has the best ingredients and looks amazing will taste amazing as well!


Now more than 5 years old as a business, we are proud to say that we deliver amazing beverages and a classy, memorable experience. We are passionate about using the best local ingredients, such as milk from Smith Brothers Farms, grown right here in the Puget Sound region, and coffee from Caffè D'Arte, roasted in Seattle. We do our best to protect our planet as well and are green certified. We look forward to serving you a delicious espresso beverage.